• Completely interactive

    Interact on any products or images that you want to show your website's visitors in real-time. Both you and visitor simultaneously see the same pictures while speaking audibly or chatting by text.

  • Recorded sessions

    All notes, marks, text and products viewed during a LetsSyncro session are saved in an archive for future reference. In other words, each customer's shopping history is saved.

  • Qualified alerts

    No need to be tied to your computer to monitor your website traffic. Thanks to our mobile alert plug-in you will receive an instant notification whenever a website visitor has requested help or meets your criteria for a prequalified lead.

  • Mobile Support

    You and your customers can use LetsSyncro with a mobile device and mobile browser. The mobile user's finger movements on the shared images will be still be represented by a mouse pointer.

  • Chat & Voice

    An embedded chat window allows you to easily communicate with website visitors during a LetsSyncro session. Also connect with customers via various phone or VOIP options.

  • Any device & any browser

    You and your website visitors can use any browser, from any internet connected device and still enjoy LetsSyncro's synchronized connection. For example, you can be using a PC and Google Chrome, meanwhile your customer is shopping on a iPad.

  • Smooth mouse movements

    See the agent's and website visitor's mouse pointers moving in the moment they are moving them, in the exact same way as when using a mouse on your own. The only difference is seeing two mice at the same time instead of one.

  • Visitor's privacy

    Our cloud-based synchronization is done without having to share screens or remotely control a computer. The agent and visitor only simultaneously see what is shared within the "virtual counter" box.

  • Analytics

    Learn about your website visitors, what they are looking at and their shopping histories.

  • Automatic image integration

    No need to move or re-install all your website's images to make them "live". Once you drop our code into your site, it will automatically integrate all your images into your LetsSyncro backoffice.

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